Preservation Campaign

Ensuring historical integrity and functional performance.

Ensuring the historical integrity and the functional performance of Lounsbury House requires both vigilance and financial resources. The Board of Directors anticipates that approximately $1,000,000 will be needed over the next 10 years or so to meet recurring demands needed to preserve Ridgefield’s town treasure. Toward this end, a special Preservation Fund is being established to protect the long-term integrity and vitality of Lounsbury House. We welcome any contributions that will help in this important and worthwhile effort.


Anticipated projects over the next ten years include:

  • Garden beautification
  • Maintenance to ADA Compliant Elevator as needed
  • Periodic repair or replacement of interior finishes
  • Repair and paint Lounsbury House exterior
  • Replace boilers as needed
  • Repair air conditioning equipment as needed
  • Identify and implement energy saving improvements
  • Replace storm windows
  • Paint interior of stair towers
  • Replace roof of Lounsbury House
  • Restoration of the historic first and second floor windows
  • Restoration of historic first floor pocket doors
  • Chimney repair, liners and fireplace restoration
  • Continued plaster restoration

Lounsbury House